Enjoy great moments

Welcome to our spa area

We are striving to create you the finest hours and to do good for your healthiness by providing many opportunities in our spa area.

Whether you are lying on our lawn for sunbathing, you are enjoying the water in our indoor pool or you are relaxing in our infrared sauna – body, mind and soul will be thankful for that

Plunging into our ‘Kneipp‘-footbath and boosting your immune system.

Indoor pool

Our pool is a spring for your health. Clear water with neck stream, upstream swimming and under water spring have its season all year around. Our water is vitalized according to the procedure of the original Grander-Technology. If you want to know more about that:


The Jacuzzi is embedded within basalt – the primary rock of the Rhön. The Egyptians appreciated the vitalized effects of this bathing, Greeks and Romans kept following this tradition. Between 32 and 35 degree, the Jacuzzi develops its highest effects. 

Relaxing- and Lawn Area

Our relaxing area with marvelous panorama view to the uplands of the Rhön and the lawn with a beautiful terrace … sunny prospects!

Salty Relaxing Room – inhale healthy air

Relaxing in a calm, earthy atmosphere and inhaling the valuable salty-air with soft background music. In the small Sonnentau saline salty water flows over birch-brushwood and enriches the air in the saline with salt. Furthermore, we provide intense times for salt inhaling and we have the possibility to cloud the air with crystal salt brine via ultrasound – a blessing for your airways and your skin.

It could develop self-healing and regulative, effective resonances through the neutral power of the salt. The body takes the high patterns of frequency of crystal salt and resolves its deficit of energy.

A stay in the salt brine of 15 minutes is recommended !

HydroJet Waterbed-Massage

The power of water for purely relaxing – individual adjustable. Entirely refreshed and relaxed – the massage in between !

Kelo-outdoor Sauna

The Kelo-outdoor-sauna – classic Finish construction – stands in the nature and provides panorama view to the beautiful landscape of the Rhön and the town Fladungen. Intense and hot sweating at a temperature of 90-95° C, afterwards a cold shower and calm down or in the winter a short refreshing in the snow. That’s it!

Panorama Sauna

The panorama sauna – classical Finish design – with a matchless view to the town Fladungen and the uplands. Intense and hot sweating at a temperature of 90-95° C, afterwards a cold shower and calm down or in the winter a short refreshing in the snow. That’s it!


This sauna generates the most pleasant mist. At a high humidity and a soft radiant heat the added odors and essences enhance the well-being.


The Kneipp foot-bath – the power of water. Deploying the pleasant power of water with the established treatments of Kneipp.

Tecladariun with radiant heat

The Romans called it Tecaldarium. At a temperature of 50 – 60 ° Celsius, it provides soft warmth for relief and strengthen of the immune system.