Events & Special Occasions

For a festive banquet we have our celebration hall which is called ‘Hohe Rhön’. The hall can be used for many different types of functions such as weddings, sports club celebrations or family get-togethers. Whether it’s a small circle of people or a large jubilee with up to 100 people, Heino Goldbach is your contact person for planning and organizing your function. We provide the right facilities and the professional framework so that you can have an amazing celebration at Hotel Sonnentau.  

Festive Banquet in ‘Hohe Rhön’

Our elegant hall has enough space for up to 80 people for your event. The hall’s low-key setting works well with custom table decorations and table layouts.

We also provide unbeatable service for larger functions and groups. Come and experience the incomparable atmosphere that we have to offer for your function. 


Group trips in the Rhön

Are you planning a day trip and thinking about where you could stop in for a bite to eat? Whether it be a promotional trip (Kaffeefahrt) or a multi-day bus trip: bus groups are more than welcome to stop by at Hotel Sonnentau!

In 1971 Café Sonnentau opened its doors

Originally everything started on the Wurmberg: after family Goldbach in 1971 opened their doors, they began receiving day-trip guests in their café and offering a Bed & Breakfast service. Group visitors quickly discovered how optimal Café Sonnentau was and more and more people started coming for promotional trips, day trips and Sunday outings. It became a popular stop-in in the Rhön. 

Overnight stays for groups

Not only daytrips are possible with coffee breaks but we also allow for bus groups to spend the night in the hotel. However please understand that a booking for one night over the weekend or on a public holiday only is possible under exceptional circumstances. During the week however we would be more than glad to have you come and spend a night.

Group menus and homemade cake

Those who are familiar with the needs of bus groups know how to make bus groups happy – for example, we have created independent menus for group travelers for during the day. Our homemade cakes and gateaux from our former hotel manager Maria make each coffee tray a little bit more special – and are no longer a hidden gem!