Pure Nature: Hiking in the Rhön

Hiking and the outdoors in the Rhön – no matter what season of the year, the Rhön offers unlimited possibilities in its beautiful landscape. Enjoy the breathtaking nature in the Rhön biosphere reserve and go on a hike of your choice. There are many different tracks you can take which suit different fitness levels, endurance levels and personal preferences. Independently plan your hike or ask our friendly team at Hotel Sonnentau for some tips.

Experience pure nature while hiking in the Rhön biosphere reserve in northern Bavaria. Begin your nature experience by spending a relaxing night in Hotel Sonnentau. Hike yourself free! Breath in the Rhön’s crisp air while exploring the Wasserkuppe or hiking through the quaint valleys – the Kreuzberg and the swamps invite you on a special journey. A highlight for every holiday in Bavaria! If you would like to find out what the Rhön biosphere reserve in the tri-border region in Bavaria, Thuringia and Hesse have to offer, take advantage of our guided tours offered at Hotel Sonnentau. It is the ideal location for day trips and sightseeing.  

HOCHRHÖNER – Certified Hiking Trail

A true Eldorado for hikers is the hiking track DER HOCHRHÖNER. For several years the Deutsche Wanderinstitut has been surveying hikers about their experience with this track and found that it always exceeds people’s expectations. The track stretches over a distance of 175km through the heart of Germany and passes through the three borders of Bavaria, Thuringia and Hesse, reaches the world-famous spa city of Bad Kissingen and the Soleheilbad in Bad Salzungen. The track continues on through the peaks of the low mountain ranges, over the Wasserkuppe, over the Kreuzberg and over the Ellenbogen. Other highlights of the HOCHRHÖNER track include the Franziskanerkloster (a monastery) on the Kreuzberg with its old age brewing tradition, the gliding cradle on the Wasserkuppe, the myth-enshrouded bedrock of the Milseburg which was a Celtic fort for refuge, and the highest point in the Rhön known as Frankenheim. In order to connect all of the beautiful landscapes together, two routes were created: the west route which goes over the Rhön peaks and the east route which goes over the plateau of the Hochrhön. Here you can take a look at the whole distance of the track. For more information on recommended tracks and a rundown of the complete journey please visit


Extra Tracks

Alongside the famous HOCHRHÖNER track you can also find extra tracks in the Rhön of varying distances. All of the extra tracks have car parks at the start and each track has been designed to be unique. Whether you want to follow in the steps of King Ludwig along the Königsweg over 9km or hike along the 14.8km cottage track which connects several cottages together - experience the idyll and unique landscape of the Rhön on foot. The museum track, the Hochrhön track, the Hilderser and the Ostheimer tracks all amaze with their special highlights. Here you can find all the extra tracks and more information about the individual tracks and make use of an interactive map. 



Discover the Rhön

It’s not hard to find exciting destinations for hiking in the Rhön biosphere reserve. The Kirchenburg (church forstress) in Ostheim is not only the biggest but also the most beautiful church fortress in the whole of Germany. This late middle-aged gem is definitely worth a visit. The Schwarze Moor near Fladungen is one of middle Europe’s most prominent raised moors. Hike along the moor’s nature trail and experience all of the unique nature on offer. On your travels you will find many information boards spread throughout which can provide you with knowledge.

Meiningen is also a town in the Rhön which is worth a visit. Wander along through the romantic streets of the cultural stronghold with its impressive panoramic view of the town. On the bank of the Werra, this theatre town offers around 1000 events per year and over 180km worth of signposted hiking tracks with beautiful views. Even Brahms, Liszt and Wagner cherished the inspiring atmosphere the town has to offer. The Werra valley bike track offers a relaxing experience in nature.

For many more suggestions on what to do during your holiday in the Rhön, please speak with our team at Hotel Sonnentau.

For more information about the premium hiking track and the extra tracks, please have a look at,, and


Special Tip: Hiking with a Chauffeur

Go for a ride in the recently established Bäderlandbus and go on a day trip. The busses Hochrhönbus and Sinntalbus stop at the bus stops ‘Schildeck’, ‘Platz’ and ‘Waldfenster’ where you can hop off and experience an exciting stroll or hike. Click here for more information.

Each year from May 1st to October 3rd the Streutalbus bridges the gap between the Hochrhönbus and Bäderlandbus services. As a visitor, there is a public transport connection available for you starting from the city of Fulda where you can ride with the Rhönbahn or the Rhönradbus (Hesse) over the Hochrhönbus.

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