Communicating in a natural environment

Our seminar rooms are not only full of sun and fresh air of the Rhön, but also full of positive potential. For leaders and participants a natural environment to explain and understand something easily.

Learning with all senses

Holding a meeting in our hotel is different. The beautiful view clears your head for fresh thoughts; geomancy and Feng Shui take care of the right system. Sent your mind in one of our meditative sessions to an introspection in our extraordinary seminar room ‘Maria’ or enjoy your total freedom, while we are exemplary relocating the scheduled Yoga course into the nature.

Face the creative challenge of the nature in one of many team-building seminars. Holistic seminar groups feel the extraordinary energy of the room and use it for internal developing processes. Give your potential full scope!

Our seminar rooms are suitable between 10 and 40 persons and can be darkened individually. Meetings and seminars are bookable with and without an overnight stay and individual meals. After every course we recommend a visit in our spa area to enjoy the rest of the day.