Home Town Fladungen

The beautiful town fascinates with its medieval flair. Surrounded is the town almost completely with a good preserved town wall. At the edge of the town the well-known Franconian outdoor museum is situated, which clearly demonstrates the life of the people back in the days. The visitors can experience the ‘old Franconian life’ with farms, churches, mills and old inns at more than twelve hectare. After the visit we definitely recommend a unique drive with the old museum-train through the lovely area of the Rhön.

All year around the Rhön-museum is opened, which informs tourists about the past of the Rhön and the dwellers since 1921. The museum contains essential collections of folkloric and protohistoric things, which have an own story to tell. Many other sights, day trips and hints for your free time in summer and winter you will find on the homepage of Fladungen and the Rhön.