Our philosophy

Our motto "pamper yourself holistically"


  • We act by intuition, to the best of your belief.
  • It is quite natural, that we strive to create our guest a marvelous stay in our hotel and aspire to fullfill their needs within an appropriate scope.
  • We live sustainability. Natural purity as well as conserving resources are very important to us.
  • In our kitchen we focus on regional, authentic and seasonal food.
  • Respect towards humans and the nature is essential.
  • We consider the added value and the cycle of nature in all our doings. 
  • As for us, genuineness means to consider body, mind and soul holistically.
  • We value an authentic sincerity and humanity.


  • We pamper everyone at all levels.
  • We guarantee an excellent service in all departments.
  • Pampering means to think hospitable.

 We carry our heart at the right spot

  • We are passionate to be a host.
  • Openness and warm-heartedness are traits of us.
  • Our guest come upon an unpretentious, familiar and happy atmosphre in our hotel.
  • You feel the "warmth".
  • The Rhoen is our home - we are very happy to live here.
  • Tradition and nostalgia is a part of us, however we strive to combine tradition and modernity.

Our values: Reliabilty & Balance

  • We deliver the performance what we promise.
  • Sincerity is a huge priority of us.
  • We make sure that given and taken is in balance, be it with our guests, within the team or with partners.
  • Our scope of performance ensures quality and continuity in every department of the hotel.

The Sonnentau: History with timeline

It is great to look back to the year 1971 ... where Maria and Raimund Goldbach have established the Café - Restaraunt Sonnentau with a bed and breakfast. Since then the Sonnentau has continously developed further. It is essential to continously improve your business, adapt to changes and make ongoing modernization.