Our philosophy

Our motto "pamper yourself holistically"


  • We act intuitively, but to the best of our consciousness
  • For us it is a natural process to make things possible for our guests within appropriate measures
  • We care about natural purity and conserving resources   
  • In our kitchen we place high value on preparing our food with natural, regional and seasonal produce.
  • We respect nature and our fellow human beings
  • We always bear in mind the value and cycles of nature
  • Naturalness is something we view as encompassing mind, body and soul.
  • We value natural openness and humanity



  • We pamper everyone at all levels.
  • We guarantee excellent service in all departments.
  • Pampering means to think and act courteously.


 Our Heart is in the right Place

  • Hosting is our passion.
  • Openness and warm-heartedness are of the utmost importance to us.
  • At Hotel Sonnentau you will be encountered with a happy and familiar atmosphere
  • There is a feeling of warmth here
  • The Rhön is our home – here is the world fully in order.
  • Tradition and nostalgia are a part of us, however we strive to combine tradition with modernity.


Our values: Reliabilty & Balance

  • We deliver the performance that we promise.
  • Sincerity is a huge priority for us.
  • We make sure that giving and taking is balanced - be it with our guests, within our team or with our partners.
  • Our range of offers all provide quality and continuity in every department of the hotel, whether it be in the wellness department, in the guest rooms or in the restaurant.

The Sonnentau: History with timeline

1970 is the year where it all began ... where Maria and Raimund Goldbach established the Café - Restaurant Sonnentau with a bed and breakfast. Since then the Sonnentau has continuously expanded, adapting to changes and modernizing. 

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Our chronology

2021 - Exchange woodchip heating, switching to renewable energies 

2020 - Breakfast buffet relocated to the room ‘Hohe Rhön’ to be complacent with Covid-19 regulations. The beer garden receives roofing for the cold season and is now referred to as the ‘Freiraum’. The administration receives an extension providing more work space. Cogeneration units installed in order to provide energy efficient heating.

2019 - Modernization of the room amenities

2018 - Renovation and modernisation of the front office and the check-in-area. Renovation of one room into a junior-suite. Optimizing the secureness and fire protection.

2017 - Modernization of the rooms in guesthouse "Arnika"

2016 - Modernization of the bathrooms in several guestrooms in the main building. Restructuring the guesthouses Frauenschuh und Türkenbund into 4 modern appartments for 2–4 guests.

2015: Renovation of the spa area with crystal steam bath, panorama sauna and additional relaxation room

2014: Implementation of fire prevention actions and modernization of the buffet area with lounge

2014: Smoldering fire in our spa area

2013: Remodeling of rooms into two comfortable suites

2012: Melina Goldbach is born

2011: 40 year anniversary (1971 until 2011) and new construction of the transition between core building and hotel, building of new parking possibilities, modernization of restaurant entrance and extension of the panorama restaurant

2009: First-time classification of our hotel through the Bavarian Hotel and Hospitality Union with 4 stars

2009: Mural painting in the pool area, modernization work in the bathrooms of the guest houses

2008: Wedding of Heino Goldbach and Noreen Goldbach (maiden name Waschek) and birth of son Noah

2007: Refurbishment of the hotel rooms

2006: Addition of the core building with additional 8 rooms

2005: Expansion of the spa area with outdoor Sauna, fitness room, relaxation area and ‘Balance-Point II’

2005: Fabian Goldbach is born 

2004: Maurice Karlein is born 

2004: Installation of the wood chip machine for heating

2003: Expansion of restaurant area through the winter garden, adding 25 more dining seats

2002: Remodeling of the bar area and construction of the new restrooms in the restaurant

1999 - Addition of spa area with creative seminar room ‘Maria’ and ‘Balance-Point I’

1999 - Josef Karlein is born 

1997 - Rooms, kitchen and restaurant receive upgrades.

1996 - The main building, hotel and restaurant receive upgrades. The restaurant can now seat 70 to 80 people.

1994 - Transfer of the business and management to Sonja Karlein and Heino Goldbach

1994: First massage and beauty treatments become available 

1993 - Hotel Sonnentau opens 

1993 - Felix Karlein is born

1993 - Newly constructed building – separation of hotel and main building

1991 - Wedding of Sonja Karlein (maiden name Goldbach) and Erich Karlein

1991 - Gloria Karlein is born

1975 - Building of the guest houses ‘Frauenschuh’ and ‘Türkenbund’

1972 - Twins Heino and Fred Goldbach are born

1971 - Opening of Café-B&B Sonnentau

1970 - Maria and Raimund Goldbach with their daughters Silvia and Sonja started building the Café Sonnentau

What does ‘Sonnentau’ mean?

The ‘Sonnentau’ is not only a fascinating plant but is also the inspiration for the name of our hotel. The ‘Sonnentau’ or in English the sundew, prospers gloriously in the quiet marshlands in the Rhön. Previously voted flower of the year, the sundew is not only nice to look at but also possesses a healing property which aids in relieving breathing problems. Early in the morning when you wander along the trails of the marshlands, you can see the dew pearls on the petals glistening in the morning sun.