Dreaming for a couple of hours …

Totally in balance

Take your time for yourself and let the daily routine and stress behind you ... 

Our spa area offers all imagining possibilities for every pampered and demanding guest. Releasing your thoughts by enjoying the enchanting view of the uplands and by finding your inner balance. We would like to harmonize body, mind and soul und support you by shaping your personal balance.    

Our Philosophy

Time for yourself …

Being a balanced, harmonized person is not always easy nowadays. Away from hustle and bustle you have the opportunity to get away from it all and try to encounter yourself in the here and now – with lots of good thoughts and a new feeling of ease, which you will carry at home and influence your direct surrounding.

The exceptional on our philosophy is the comprehensive consideration of every human being: In our hotel we do not just treat externals but also rather go beyond. Achieving our big goal of the holistic and balanced treatment we can count on our well organized team of our spa department. Our personnel is not just competent and qualified but rather very well familiar with our philosophy of the hotel. 

Sonnentau – Spa Area

Salus per Aqua – Healthiness with water

Our building shows, what water is good for by presenting how water works with the ingenuity of the Romans, the Greeks and the ‘Rhöner’ combined together. A sensitive temptation with water, warmth’s, odors and optic allure takes place at this point.

Enjoying and having the feeling of doing something good for yourself – swimming, going to the saunas, relaxing, drinking tea, reading, getting a massage, sleeping or being pampered.

‘Our Water is vitalized according to the procedure of the original Grander-Technology. If you want to know more about that: